Green Fennel Herb 12cm

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Green Fennel Herb 12cm

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Price £ 3.99
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Groves Nurseries & Garden Centre
Little Groves

(Foeniculum vulgare) 

Please note that this plant will be in the process of dying back for winter, but will reshoot in the spring.

Height/spread: 2m x 45cm

Flowers: Large flat umbels of yellow flowers in summer

Sun/shade: Warm, sunny position

Soil: Well drained, fertile soil

Maintenance: Cut back after harvesting seeds to promote new plant growth. When plant has died back in autumn, mulch soil.

Harvesting: Pick leaves fresh in summer. Harvest seed heads when they change colour from green to brown.

Cooking uses: Use fresh leaves in salads, vegetables, soups or in a stuffing for oily fish. stems can be used on BBQs to flavour meats and seeds can be used to flavour lamb, pork and vegetables.

Medicinal uses: An infusion of the seeds is thought to ease flatulence in children & indigestion & heartburn in adults

Wildlife uses: Fennel is a great plant for attracting hoverflies, which help keep your aphid populations reduced!

‘Please note this plant is herbaceous. It will die back in the winter months to reshoot in the spring’

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