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Pest Control

PY Insect Killer Powder

For the control of insects in gardens

A ready to use highly effective insect killer based on nature?s own insecticide Pyrethrum in a puffer pack.

Py powder will control greenfly, thrips, weevils, sawfly, leafhoppers, flea beetles, capsid bugs, caterpillars and wasps in the garden and many household pests including ants.

Can be used on edible crops one day before harvest.

Can be used on ornamentals, fruit and vegetables

Contains pyrethrum

Apply: At the first signs of insect activity

How to Use:

  • Remove the cap and puff the powder onto infected plants covering both sides of the foliage.
  • Repeat the application a week later if needed.

Available in pack sizes

  • 175g puffer pack

Product Code: 5P01

Price: £3.50

PY Insect Killer Powder
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PY Insect Killer Powder

Reg No: 5310370 VAT No: 187 853 509