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Pest Control

Bayer Provado Ultimate Bug Killer Aerosol

Provado Ultimate Bug Killer Aerosol some difficult to control pests like Lily Beetle, Mealy Bug, Red spider Mite, Leaf Hopper, Leaf miner, Thrips, Greenfly & Whitefly.? Provado Ultimate Bug Killer Aerosol for outdoor & indoor plants is ready to use with no mixing and no mess. Systemic action which means it's absorbed through the plant killing sucking pests by poisoning the sap. Only for ornamental plants. Active ingredients: imidacloprid and methiocarb. Size 400ml.

Bayer Garden is the new brand in garden care. The Bayer Garden product range is designed to provide easy to use solutions to common garden problems. The quality and effectiveness of the products are of paramount importance to Bayer Garden, as is the need to maintain a balance between the control of garden problems with the needs of the environment.

Within the Bayer Garden brand experienced gardeners will also find some of the most tried and tested traditional garden products. These too benefit from the Bayer Garden focus on quality and effectiveness. Whenever you encounter pest and disease problems in the garden, Bayer Garden products can help

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Bayer Provado Ultimate Bug Killer Aerosol
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Bayer Provado Ultimate Bug Killer Aerosol

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