Tool Sharpening at Groves

Tool Sharpening at Groves

Charlie Groves
Charlie Groves

Tools in need of a bit of TLC?  Dave from Top Edge Sharpening Services will be at Groves on Monday May 6th, 10:30am until 1:30pm, sharpening your gardening tools. 

Don't worry if you can't make it, this is a regular event and we'll post dates in advance to give you a bit of notice.

After a career in the Royal Navy, Dave has been building up his sharpening business since 2006 and is a well known face in the local area.

He’ll sharpen while you wait, so why not grab something in the Ivy House Kitchen or have a wander round our plants section while you are visiting?

Bring down your...

Edging tools 
Garden hoes
Lawn mover blades
Chisels and Cutters

Plus your

Straight edge chefs knife 
Serrated knife 
Re-serrated knife
Levelling blades 
Repairing tips 
Scissors, Scrapers, Mandolins, Pizza wheels, Parsley Choppers, Robo Blades and all Cleavers. 

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