Get  ahead for warmer times with 'Baby Bedding'

Get ahead for warmer times with 'Baby Bedding'

Charlie Groves
Charlie Groves

Easy as one, two, three

If you're looking for a straightforward and cost effective way to grow your own colourful bedding plants consider getting ahead with 'Baby Bedding'.  They're great value - cheaper than their 9cm equivalents later in the season - and add a vivid splash of colour.

These lovely little plants could not be easier to look after  - simply choose from the wide selection in-store, pot them on into a larger container or tray when you get them home, keep them gently watered and fed (use Miracle Gro or tomato food for best results)  and watch them grow.

Top Tips for Great Results

Look after your baby bedding plants with these handy pointers:

  • Hold the plants gently by the leaves when you're re-potting
  • Try to keep as many roots intact as possible to minimise disturbance
  • Keep the plants inside or in a greenhouse until the danger of frost has passed
  • Acclimatise (or 'harden off') your baby bedding to the outdoor light and cooler temperatures over a few weeks before using outdoors

Explore the possibilities

With baby bedding, the range is so much wider than the standard bedding plants you'll get later in the season.  We stock geraniums, fuchsia, petunias, lobelia, begonias...all in a wonderful array of colours.  At Groves we use baby bedding for our hanging baskets, they really are a very versatile and vibrant addition to any outdoor space.

Give them a try this year, all you need is a warm windowsill, conservatory or greenhouse and a little patience, and in no time at all you'll be watching them grow!

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