Groves Top Tips for growing with peat free compost

Groves Top Tips for growing with peat free compost

Becky Groves
Becky Groves

Our nurseries have been growing in peat free compost since 2021, so we've learned as it has evolved over the past few years.

Peat free composts are made up of a mixture of materials including coir, composted bark, composted green waste, grit and sand and the amount of each of these will vary depending on the brand.

Although most plants grow happily in peat free compost, it is a little different so we follow these key tips to ensure our plants thrive:

Pick the correct compost. 

Seed composts will be milled to a fine texture – perfect for small seeds, multipurpose composts will be chunkier and contain slow release fertilizer which is too strong for young seedlings.

Is it actually dry?

The very top layer of peat free compost looks dry but it's actually moist under this layer so be careful not to overwater.

The need to feed!

Peat free compost does leach nutrients from the soil quicker than traditional peat based soils so you'll need to feed plants in containers more frequently ('Miraclegro', 'Boost'  or liquid seaweeds are ideal)

Fun with fungi!

During the wetter months you may see mushrooms growing on the surface of the soil. Don't worry! These are harmless and are simply breaking down the wood content in the compost.

We stock a range of different composts so you can make the right choice for your garden depending on your plant range and preferences.  Brands include our own Groves compost, Gro Sure, Rocket Gro, New Horizon, Sylvagrow and Westland

Team members in our compost area and on the tills are always happy to help with recommendations.

Compost bags can be pretty heavy, so we offer a carry to your car service to help load your compost in-store.  Alternatively, order online and have your compost delivered direct to your home or allotment - lots of our customers get their compost supplies in this way.  If you're at home when we deliver, our delivery team will check with you to make sure the compost is left in an easy to access position for you.

 If you need any further advice, don’t hesitate to contact us or visit us at Groves or Little Groves and we’ll be happy to give you more tips on growing with peat free compost.

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