Top tips for growing tomatoes

Top tips for growing tomatoes

Charlie Groves
Charlie Groves

Everyone loves home-grown tomatoes, our very own on-site nursery team grow over 5000 tomatoes each year. Plantsman Ben has some top tips to make sure yours are the star of the show:

Remove Side Shoots

Pinch out shoots that form in the joints of the branches.  These won't bear fruit and will take energy away from the rest of the plant,

Water Daily, Feed Weekly

Regularly water and feed with Tomorite while the fruits are developing.

Remove Bottom Leaves

This will improve airflow, cutting back disease and allowing the fruit to ripen in the sun.

Give Sun and Warmth

Make sure the tomatoes are getting plenty of sun and heat to help the fruit form and ripen.

Pick...and Enjoy!

Slice into a salad, roast in the oven with garlic for a quick and easy pasta sauce, add to stews and casseroles or simply eat them whole - nothing can beat the taste of freshly picked, homegrown fruit and vegetables.

Visit us at Groves and Little Groves to choose from our selection of tomato plants and tomato grow-bags.  If you're starting from scratch have a chat to our of our knowledgeable Plants Team members and they'll help you get started with confidence.

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