Climbers that will tolerate Coastal Conditions

Climbers that will tolerate Coastal Conditions

Climbers aren't great in coastal conditions.  They have evolved in forests, growing through trees, therefore have no need to become resistant to coastal, salt winds. However there are those that do better than others if you are lucky enough to live in a coast location like us!

Our choices...

  • Clematis alpina Vigorous deciduous petiole climber with typically blue bell shaped flowers in spring, though reddish-pink, pink and white forms are available. Finer and not as large growing as C. montana.

  • Clematis montana Very vigorous deciduous petiole climber with pink or white flowers in May, in several types the flowers are scented and in pink-flowered varieties the leaves are flushed red. Very quick to cover any wall, fence or climb up a tree, it is also grows well near the sea.

  • Hedera helix Ivy climbs by adventitious root so is self clinging and needs no tying in if on a wall, but remember that it can be destructive to mortar and should not be grown on old or un-sound walls. It is evergreen and often looks a bit of a mess after the winter but quickly sends out new growth. It is available in a multitude a variations of variegation.

  • Lonicera periclymenum Honeysuckle is vigorous, deciduous and climbs by twining stems. The sweetly scented flowers are borne all summer and come in white and greenish, or white and yellow or crimson.

  • Solanum crispum ‘Glasnevin’ semi-evergreen scrambling climber with long stems that need tied in. Has many clusters of rich violet-blue flowers with prominent yellow stamens in the centre all summer. 

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