Growing hyacinths for Christmas

Growing hyacinths for Christmas

Hyacinths can be 'forced' for wonderfully fragrant Christmas gifts or simply to brighten up your own home!  You need to choose our “Prepared Hyacinths”, which have been heat treated so they flower earlier.

Start by placing a layer of damp bulb fibre into your chosen container – there is no need to add any fertiliser.

Set the hyacinth bulbs on the compost, close together but not touching each other or the sides of the container.

Fill around the bulbs with more compost, leaving space between the container rim and compost surface to allow for watering. The top of the bulbs should just show at the compost surface.

After this, they will need a cold dark period, preferably around 9°C, in a shed, garage or cellar for up to 10 weeks. Cover the pots with black bin liners to stop light getting through and check them regularly, watering them sparingly if the compost feels dry.

Once shoots have appeared a few inches above the compost surface, bring them indoors and place in a bright, cool position, taking care not to place them above a radiator.

Water regularly when the compost dries out and they should start flowering within 3 weeks.